Eat well, Feel well, Be well leads to beautiful life

~Delicious, safe, gentle to the body , becoming beautiful.~

Replace daily meals as healthy food options.
To have delicious foods enriches our lives. Losing weight does not means overeating.
Otaru dining offers an abundance of ingredients from Hokkaido. We support your healthy and delicious life through a variety of desserts, that is called
"Eat well, Feel well, Be well leads to beautiful life".

Beauty and health foods from the same source

Sweet but non-fatting
Low-carb desserts effective for dieting

<Not calories and fats but carbohydrate increases your weight.>

Sweet but non-fattening low-carb diets dessertary

Everyone knows that weight gain is caused by having sweets, oily or high calorie foods. In Japan and the West, until recent years, calories and fats were considered as the cause of obesity and diabetes. In the U.S, however, the number people suffering from obesity and diabetes
has increased by twice while our meal became healthy.
Finally overeating of carbohydrate began to be viewed with suspiscion. This has resulted in the introduction of low-carb diets as a treatment for diabetes and weight-loss in Japan and the West. By reducing carbohydrate intake, the body constantly burns fat which stimulates weight-loss.
We highly recommend our low-carb desserts to those anxious about diabetes and obesity as well as to those who desire sweets while dieting.

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Dieting while eating delicious food, Sweet but non-fattening dessertary

<Eat delicious foods while dieting.
Sweet but non-fattening desserts>

You can eat our desserts much because their sugar levels are strictly controlled under the supervision of nutritionists.
Our desserts are like a dream; sweet but non-fatting and effective for dieters.
All our desserts are homemade with carefully selected ingredients from Hokkaido.
They must be delicious and recommended.

The Mechanism of Obesity

Attraction of delicious desserts from Hokkaido

Only fresh ingredients from Hokkaido are used in our Otaru Dining desserts. Even within Hokkaido, Otaru is known as a valuable company to produce delicious desserts and this is where we have proudly established our factory. We use not only dairy products indispensable to sweet-making, such as milk, cheese, butter and fresh cream, but also melon, honeysuckle, kidney beans and black soy beans. We produce them only with carefully selected Hokkaido's ingredients, and that is the reason why we became so popular.

Popular low-carb desserts in Japan and the West

To maintain their figures and health, low-carb diets are popular not only amongst actresses and models in Japan but also amongst celebrities in New York and London.

In Japan, they are already popular in a variety of high-end department stores, hotels, traditional Japanese inns, sports gyms, fitness clubs, medical facilities and institutions, and online heath and beauty sites.

Our dealership

Department stores: Mitsukoshi Isetan Food Services,
Takashimaya, Sogo Seibu, Odakyu Department Store,
Sports gyms, Fitness Clubs
Medical Facilities, Medical Institutions
Online health and beauty sites

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Product Information

Low-Carb Ice-cream

Low-Carb Ice-cream

Uji-matcha from Kyoto is kneaded into the ice-cream, creating a subtle and refreshing flavor. In order to compliment and make optimal use of the fresh milk flavor, we use the subtle and refreshing uji-matcha from Kyoto.

<Inner capacity: 52g>
Carbohydrate: 4.2g (65% reduced)
Energy: 75Kcal (Milk & Vanilla Beans),
78Kcal (Milk & Matcha Green Tea )
Sodium: 0.1g

Hokkaido Melon Shortcake

Hokkaido Melon Shortcake

A low-carb shortcake made with blue meat melon aka "tsuki no shizuku" produced in Tsukigata, Hokkaido. In addition to Hokkaido produced fresh cream and melon jelly being infused into the sponge cake made from soy flour, the cake is topped with ample melon jelly which create, creating a refreshing, summer desserts. Please enjoy the elegant aroma and taste of our low-carb short cake, "tsuki no shizuku".

<Inner capacity: 68g>
Carbohydrate: 6.4g (70.1% reduced)
Energy: 210kcal
Sodium: 0.1g

Hokkaido Custard Cream Puff

Hokkaido Custard Cream Puff

Without altering its taste, we reduced the carbohydrate content by 5% from similar products. In the cream puffs, the umami (5th category of taste, corresponding to the flavor of glutamates) of milk was added by folding the special quality custard into the soy flour dough. Cream puffs are an indispensable desserts and Otaru Dining became able to offer a low-carb option.

<Inner capacity: 60g>
Carbohydrate: 6.4g (53.6% reduced)
Energy: 182Kcal
Sodium: 0.3g

Hokkaido Berry (Haskap) Flavor Cheesecake Tart

Hokkaido Berry (Haskap) Flavor Cheesecake Tart

The secret to its popularity is the rich taste of cheese and the refreshing flavor of Hokkaido Berry (Haskap). A unique and crumbly texture is created by using flour made of bean curd lees in the cookie dough. Moist and savory cookies with melt-in-your-mouth provides an unprecedented harmony.

<Inner capacity: 60g>
Carbohydrate: 6.1g (74.7% reduced)
Energy: 205Kcal
Sodium: 0.3g

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Commitment to manufacturing

Menu committed to artisan foods

<Taste is the most important.> Making tasty is a challenge for functional food products.
We got the know-how to maintain superior flavor through uncountable trial manufacturing and taste testing.
All of our products are homemade which means our pastry chefs make by hand.

The taste of the food is of paramount importance

Maintaining  delicious taste and flavor through flash freezing technology

Otaru Dining is one of the leading companies in Japan specializing in this technology. This technology made us maintain taste and flavor without preservatives,
and their foods contains large amounts of high-protein. Due to this technology even without the use of preservatives, we are able to maintain the taste and flavor of foods containing large amounts of high-protein ingredients that are easily damaged by flash freezing.

[Flash Freezing Technology] has been patented. Patent number 4700044

The delicious taste remains as it is, ultra-rapid freezing technology
The delicious taste remains as it is, ultra-rapid freezing technology

Strict control of carbohydrate levels and menu development

In order to carefully control carbohydrate levels in our products, we commit the expertise of professional nutritionists to closely oversee the carbohydrate content. To make customers enjoy our non-fattening desserts, we are always working to develop new menu items. In the last 5 years, more than 300 new products have been developed.

Strict management of carbohydrate and improvement menu

Safe and secure manufacturing system and food quality management

Otaru Dining's factory uses HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point ) standards in our food production process. In order to provide our customers with safety and high quality, a special room for control was established to thoroughly monitor them.

Safe and secure manufacturing system and food quality management
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Company Information

Under the supervision of medical institutions, when low-carb diets were still relatively unknown in 2008, Carbohydrate Restriction Otaru Dining propelled as a pioneer of frozen low-carb food manufacturering through research and marketing. We have a company-owned manufacturing plant and a research facility, working together in menu development and manufacturing.

Company Name Otaru Dining Co., Ltd.
Address 5-50-8 Zenibako, Otaru-city Hokkaido 061-3271 Japan
Founded September 2008
Capital JPY 9 Million
CEO Junichi Ishikawa
Staff 20
Description Manufacture and sale of frozen foods, food import and export, sale and research of freezing technology