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Frozen Sushi by Otaru Dining

An Introduction to Frozen Sushi

Our frozen products and freezing techniques are highly-regarded throughout the world.
Also, Our frozen products, which take advantage of our own freezing technologies are popular throughout Europe and The U.S.A.

Sushi from Japan! Making food more global.

We are developing various food-processing technologies. These technologies are used to produce safe and delicious frozen food entrees.
Patented production method of Frozen Sushi <3784262>.

We are developing various food-processing technologies

Increase flavor composition of Sashimi(raw fish).

This technology is used for increasing the flavor and composition of Sashimi(raw fish),thus making it more delicious.

Increase flavor composition of Sashimi

Drip prevention = Removal of free water between the cells of Sashimi(raw fish)

・Prevent fluid "drip away", by using a technique involving the difference of osmotic pressure and then removing the free standing water between the cells. The cell membrane of the fish body is then strengthened, this further prevents damage to the membrane.

We are developing various food-processing technologies

Prevent quality deterioration of cooked rice and Sushi rice, thawing frozen cooked rice and frozen Sushi rice at room temperature.

Normally, cooked rice taste and freshness will start to deteriorate within 2 hours after being prepared. But, by using our company's freezing technologies, we can prevent any deterioration in taste and quality in the range of 7~8 hours after being cooked.

If frozen cooked rice is thawed at room temperature, the cooked rice will retain a white wax like substance, covering the grains and will not be suitable for consumption. therefore, thawing must be conducted at high temperature.

Through our research we have developed various technologies and techniques for producing frozen sushi, that retains all of the taste and quality standards, yet is free of any chemical additives and preservatives.

Frozen Sushi rice ballWe are developing various food-processing technologies

Business Summary

Main Export country : U.S.A, France, Norway

Export products : Frozen Sushi(Roll,Nigiri), Frozen Sushi rice ball, Frozen Sushi rice board, Frozen meals

Place of plant : Otaru city Hokkaido Japan

Phone : ++81-3-6279-4715
Fax : ++81-3-5858-1192
E-Mail :

Company Profile
Name of company : Otaru Dining Co.,Ltd.
Head Office : 1-15 Minami1-jyo Nishi9-chome,Chu-ou ku,Sapporo city Hokkaido 060-0061 Japan
Otaru Kitchen : 5-50-8 Zenibako Otaru city Hokkaido 061-3271 Japan
Tokyo Office ※Sales department : 1-4-2 Kameido ko-to-ku Tokyo 136-0071 Japan
Established : 20,September,2008
Capital : JPY 9,000,000.- (January,2009)
Representative director : President Junichi Ishikawa
Number of Employees : 20
Developing of freezing technology/Manufacturing of frozen foods/Consulting of food processing/Foods Export and Import/Management of Restaurant
Shareholder : SIG Co.,Ltd.
Main Bank : Japan Finance Corporation、North Pacific Bank, Ltd.、The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.

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